The Flow of the Introductory Call


Once we've already identified all the information that you've provided us during the consultation process, we'll start the interview.

Our team will turn off our camera and mute our microphone while you interview one of the candidates. Remember that you've got 30 minutes for each candidate, however, this is not set to stone. If you have more questions for the candidate, by all means, take your time. However, know that there are candidates that are also waiting in the zoom waiting room ready to answer your questions, plus we want to maximize and make wise use of your time.

Once you're done with the first candidate, we'll hop back in (turn our camera & mic on), put the first candidate back in the waiting room, and present to you the next candidate.

Once you're done with the interview process, the candidates will just be in the waiting room and our team will hop back in again to know your decision. If you've chosen the candidate for your business and wanted to proceed with them, we're going to ask for more details from you like the start date of the candidate, point of contact person, working hours, etc.

Once those are identified and confirmed, we'll schedule our Onboarding Call with you. The purpose of the call to help you onboard your Distant Assistant smoothly and give you suggestions for the training agenda and all other valuable details.

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