Questions to Ask During the Introductory Call


Our goal here is for you to learn as much as you can about the candidate. You can ask job-related questions, to give you as clear a sense as possible of how it would work out if you hired them. Additionally, you may ask series of questions that assess the candidate’s experience & qualifications for the role. Asking situational questions will help you identify how they react to certain situations, and with that, you'll get an idea of how the candidate would react to certain issues.

Now here is the list of the recommended questions you can ask each candidate:

    • “What is the most recent thing you learned?”
      By asking this, you'll get an idea if the candidate is continually learning something and what type of learning he/she's into.
    • “What do you enjoy doing outside of work?”
      This will give you an idea what are the hobbies of the candidate, or what he/ she is passionate about.
    • "Tell me about a challenge or conflict you overcame at work."
      You'll get an overview of how the candidate responds to a conflict or challenge at hand.
    • "What is your most impressive work achievement?"
      This will give you an idea of the candidate's talent or skills. Of course, you may ask a follow-up question to know more about that work achievement they've had.
    • "Tell me about a time when you had to complete a task with no procedures or guidelines."
      You'll see if the candidate would take initiative or just wait for any command. A candidate might reveal some creative ways on how they would approach it.
    • "Tell me about a time you made a gut decision during a stressful situation." 
      This will give you an idea of how rational the candidate would respond or react to a stressful situation.
    • "Walk me through your time management system" 
      This is a great question to ask since they are going to work virtually, it's great to know how they are going to manage their time working with you.
    • "Imagine you need to implement a new system that you do not have much experience with. What steps do you take to gather information and ensure successful execution?"
      You can also ask creative questions like this one. The candidate might give you examples of how he/she has done it before in their previous client or employer.

Always remember that in hiring a new team member, it's best to identify if they fit your business culture.

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