What happens after Onboarding your DA


Congratulations! By this time, you've already onboarded your Dedicated Distant Assistant. These are the things that would happen for the following months after onboarding your DA.


Check-in Meeting


We are going to check in on you every 2 weeks to know if you're encountering any issues with your Distant Assistant. The check-in meeting will happen every two (2) weeks, one through email and the other through video calls. We're here to assist you with any issues that you're encountering with your Distant Assistant, we wanted to help you so we're here to intervene at any moment if needed.


Testimonials for Bottleneck

We'd love to hear any feedback from you! After the first 90 days, we'll be sending you an email with the evaluation form. We wanted to improve our service so we wanted to hear directly from you any feedback on our process, or distant assistant, or our services. You can go on our website to see the list of our client testimonials.


DDA Evaluation

This will be sent every 6 months. An evaluation form will be sent to you via email. We do this because we wanted to make sure that the Distant Assistant placed to you is continually improving, doing their job, and helping you do your best work without spending so much time! You can go to the materials section to see the evaluation form.


Business Review

Our team will contact you after 6 months to assist you with any help you might have.

Call to Action:

Go to the materials section for the BNDA testimonials link. Click on the next lesson to learn more!

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