Preparations Prior To Onboarding Your DDA


These are the preparations you need to do at least 1 week to 3 days prior to onboarding your Distant Assistant:

  1. Create your DDA Onboarding Manual to serve as your guide for the first 90-days with your DDA. 
  2. Outline your Meeting Agenda. 
  3.  Prepare your Phone Scripts and Other Training Manuals for your DDA. 
  4. Set up a phone software if the DDA’s task involves calls. Please contact your phone software ahead of time, it might take days to set up an account. 
  5. List down the Required Tools and Software your DDAs need to install in their computers. Are they going to be installing CRMs or Project Management Software? 
  6. Set up an email account for your DDA. 
  7. Give them access to any software you are using. You can add them to your project board such as Trello, Basecamp, or Asana. 
  8. Send a Welcome Kit. This could be as simple as a Starbucks coupon card, a printed shirt, or mugs. If you need help with local printing to keep the costs lower, please let us know and we can process this for you. 
  9. Send them a Welcome Email that includes the following: 
  • Date and time of your first meeting
  • Your meeting link or a calendar invite
  • Meeting agenda
  • Company handbooks or SOPs 
  • Dress Code requirement
  • Log-in credentials 
  • Instructions such as installing software and applications on their computers

Call to Action:

Proceed to the next lesson to learn about the 90-Day Onboarding Manual. 

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