First Day with Your DDA


How does your Day 1 look like with your DDA?

So you finished preparing all the things you need prior to onboarding your assistant, you have created your 90-Day Onboarding Manual for your DDA, done with the Meeting Agenda, and sent a Welcome Email to your Assistant.

Now, it’s time to meet your Assistant. Once your DDA shows up in your meeting room, build rapport with them. If you have plans of introducing them to your team, it would be great to have your team members greet the DDA as they introduce their names and their role in the company. That way your DDA will know whom they will reach regarding specific concerns.

Next, you can choose to have a virtual office tour. Your DDAs are actually curious to see how your office looks on the other side of the world. It actually makes them feel proud being a part of an international team.

Once you’re done, you can get back to your office and start the orientation with your DDA.
Here are some examples of what you need to talk about on Day 1.

  1. Company Culture, Mission, and Vision - It is important for your DDA to be in line with your core values as a company. This will give them an idea of how you operate, how you treat your customers, and how you deal with each other in the team.
  2. Job Role and Responsibilities - It is very important to review and make them clearly understand their job role and responsibilities. This will help them know their boundaries, their focus, and their goals for your company.
  3.  Typical expectations such as
  • Work hours - What time do they need to be there for you?
  • Check-in Policy - How often should they check in with you in a day?
  • Paid Time Off Policy - What happens when your DDA gets sick?

4. Access to Software or platforms - Ask if your DDA has problems logging in using the log-in credentials you gave them.
5. Create/Discuss the Training Schedule and start training!

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